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Khamta.com is an effort to encourage the renascence of our cultural identity. Khamta is unique dress handcrafted by the craftmen of Charsadda district. A village with the name of Rajjar is famous for knitting this type of cloth. This cloth gained its popularity as a first choice cloth by the humble people of Charsadda. AKA the local Jeans variant for the rough and tough work environment, this cloth is liked by many. Khamta.com is now brining this to the masses of Pakistan.

Hand woven thread and then handcrafted cloth, this cloth is unique in its design and feel. Our team has selected the best thread and had deployed the services of expert weavers to make this master piece. The colors offered are exactly those that had been in use for centuries in this region. We hope that you will appreciate the craftmenship of this region and by buying this cloth you will be supporting a local industry.

Our quality control had made sure that only the best passes through us to your doorstep. We had deployed our quality control on the shop floor, in the packaging and the delivery department. Our 24 hour customer support is ready to guide you with any information, guidance and help that you may require during your journey of purchase. Please feel free to talk to them via our WhatsApp number and email at hello@asmarphotography.com.